C is for Cookie: Lose Weight the Easy Way!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lose Weight the Easy Way!

I just lost 4 pounds in a week! You can do it too! Now that it's holiday time I've been eating the many Christmas cookies I bake for meals and I've actually been feeling a bit under the weather so my appetite is weaker than usual. I also haven't gone to the gym lately due to feeling sick. This morning I stepped on the gym scales and learned I'd lost 4 pounds!

So to recap:
- eat fewer calories than normal
- eat whatever you like, without regard for nutritional value

And you too will lose weight.

Yes, folks, it really can be a numbers game. But is that the game you want to play? I feel like crap, and although my mouth is happy to be chomping on cookies, when I got on the treadmill, I sweat like a construction worker in July. I felt gross! Eating cookies has meant I haven't gotten any real vitamins and minerals into my body in about a week. And I've probably lost muscle mass, because it's been a week since I lifted weights. When I stand in front of my mirror in the nude, I feel jiggly. In fact, I wouldn't have realised I'd lost weight, had I not stepped onto the scales.

Lesson learned? Eating less can make you lose weight, but weight loss is not an ideal goal. Losing fat, gaining muscle and getting healthy is a much better goal to work towards. After the holidays - burp - I'm going to go back to eating healthy.

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