C is for Cookie: Put Down That Donut!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Put Down That Donut!

People, we are FAT! And not only that. We're in denial about it! The Canadian Community Health Survey was just released and it found that when assessors actually went around and measured people, they found 1 in 4 Canadians to be obese. Previously, survey participants were self-reporting and it appeared that they underestimated their own weight and overestimated their height. The results (when folks self-reported) showed obesity rates of only 15% instead of the later validated 25%.

One of the ways we like to show our Canadian pride is to boast about how we are "not like Americans". Often this comes out as "not like those FAT Americans..." But we need to turn a critical eye at ourselves now, because more and more studies are telling us that we are suffering from dangerously large waistlines and a rise in incidences of diabetes. Our children are just as inactive in schools, they watch just as much TV and eat just as much junkfood as our American neighbours. And therefore we need to be just as vigilant and aware. We have only one life to live and just one wonderful body to inhabit during that lifetime. It needs to be treated with TLC.

Each day gives us a new opportunity to use our bodies for what they were designed to do. Whether it's walking up a flight of stairs, an after-dinner stroll with a loved one, a hike, walking to the store to get groceries, all of these things contribute to good health. Each one makes a positive impact on our health and makes us feel better. Driving around in the car, sitting at desks all day long and eating junk (sugary, nutrient-free "food") does the opposite. We have such a limited time on this earth to enjoy nature, friends, new experiences. How can we do what's bad for our health and ignore how it might limit the number of days we get to enjoy our lives??

The long-awaited season - summer! - is just around the corner. It's time to put down the donut, back away from the computer, pick up a carrot and get outside and get that blood flowing!

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